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Last year I hired a man recommended by a trusted painter to paint my house.Yes the house was way overdue to be painted but he promised he would do such a good job that it wouldn't need reapainted for years.

It looked great ofter he painted it. He (and his helpers) also did a few odd jobs such as cleaning out the gutters, cleaning ivy off of the house, etc. This was done in Oct, 2010. After the snow and ice melted I noteced I had HUGE icicles coming out of my gutters, which i thought were clean.

In the spring of 2010, I noticed that the house was peeling in various areas, especially the front. I called the painter, John Stewart, and he said he would come out and look at it. FINALLY after 2 months and tons of excuses he did. Even the manager from Sherwin Williams came out to look at it within a few days of me calling him.

John called me back and told me nothing short of what the manager from Sherwin Williams had already told me. When I asked him what he was going to do about it, he stuttered and didn't offer to fix it. When I quoted him by saying that "I guarentee it will last for years", he said I don't remember saying that. Now I am having a roof put on and the gutters were filled with leaf compost which has been there for years (it had been several years since they had been cleaned).

I am very dissapointed. This guy came highly recommended and his Dad is well known local painter. I feel I was taken advantage of because I am a woman. He also hit on my daughter while he was working here.

The point of the story is, never hire a guy by the name of JOHN STEWART, from Indy (originally from southen Henry County) to paint your hoose and/or do odd jobs along with it!He DOES NOT keep his promises!

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